Sensitive Scalp? Not a fan of harsh chemicals? PUREOLOGY may be the answer...

PUREOLOGY - the magic hair care product

One of our new clients has had severe psoriasis on her scalp for most of her life and has tried almost every product on the market.  Me. Stylist, James, recommended that she started using PUREOLOGY products at home instead of her usual hair care products. Sceptical at first, in less than two weeks she returned in amazement as the psoriasis on her scalp had COMPLETELY cleared up!

Me Style Lounge Purology

Pureology doesn’t contain any chemicals or sulphates, is 100% vegan and is made from the best of organic botanicals.  Whether or not you suffer from dry, sensitive skin or have a skin condition, Pureology has proven to be an effective & gentle hair care product.

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